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Information Toolkit on Violent Extremism (ITVE)


The Information Toolkit on Violent Extremism (ITVE) is available to the community with the aim of understanding, preventing, and countering violent extremism. The ITVE summarizes 50 years of research on extremism.

Violent extremism originates from multiple sources including religious, right-wing, left-wing, ethnonationalist and environmentalist groups. The ITVE authors provide numerous insights on:

  • signs of radicalisation
  • the radicalisation process
  • risk factors
  • preventive factors
  • what you can do to help radicalized young people

Three Canadian Case Studies are presented to illustrate these concepts.



The Toolkit: ITVE

The Figure: Process of Radicalization


For more information contact:

Jocelyn Bélanger, Ph.D         Noëmie Nociti, Ph.D(c)


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Bélanger, J. J., Nociti, N., Chamberland, P.-E., Paquette, V., Gagnon, D., Mahmoud, A., Carla, L., Lopes M., Eising, C. (2015). Building a Resilient Community within Multicultural Canada: Information Toolkit on Violent Extremism. Université du Québec à Montréal.

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